It’s been fascinating to watch the Justice Department and Apple square off, as the former wanted help from the latter to unlock its phone, owned by the San Bernardino terrorist. Now, it seems the Justice Department doesn’t even need Apple’s …..

“Don’t trust anyone over 30,” took root in 1964 Berkeley. But the reality of this sentiment is truer today than ever before. (Acknowledging that some Millennials are over 30.) According to Pew Research Center, just 19% of this generation feel …..

There is no need to document all of what was one of the sorriest performances by someone who began as a front-runner. As governor of Florida, it wasn’t like he was a charismatic leader. He was workmanlike. Workmanlike may never win …..

If there is a third rail for Democrats , it’s daring the party’s powerbrokers to abandon their anti-science, anti-intellectual stance on abortion. Climate change? They’re fine with science. The viability and felt pain of a fetus/unborn baby/potential baby/living matter? Not so much. The thing …..

Whenever another company moves outside the United States, whenever another manufacturing plant is shutdown; it adds fuel to the fire that the bankruptcy expert ignited. By now we know he will never detail a plan to “make America great again,” …..