What is it to be human? Is the belief that we are truly unique with some some transcendent value an outdated, quaint notion? Currently, some scientists have developed a technique in which the DNA of three individuals is mixed to …..

Hey, you baseball fans, the White Sox and the Cubs both hold commanding leads in their divisions, by 2 1/2 games and 3 1/2 games, respectively, and there are only about 140 games left to play. I’m telling you, they’re …..

Apple was crushed over the past twenty-four hours, from just about $105/share down to as low as $95.68 at one point. Apple’s sin was missing earnings and revenue estimates and, most telling, posting its first-ever decline in iPhone sales year-over-year. That’s …..

Somewhere along the line television networks decided they were going to treat this year’s presidential campaign as WrestleMania. Think of all the heraldic promos endlessly aired leading up to the debates. For that matter, think of the candidates’ introductions at these …..

I’m going to write something here that real hockey fans already know; hockey is just a great sport. I haven’t watched any games this year. Not one. But the Black Hawks — I’m originally from Chicago, as underdogs down a …..

And in the beginning, as the political Genesis stated, Ohio Governor John Kasich was nowhere. But then he ran second in New Hampshire and the big dog Jeb left the race shortly thereafter. The establishment’s great hope, Marco Rubio, also …..

charles koch

2016 certainly has been an unpredictable year in American politics. Does anyone even remember when there was a guy by the name of Jeb Bush who was considered the …..

bernie sanders

Bernie’s got yuge problems. First, it’s the math, stupid. I haven’t quite understood why the media have been so timid in reporting that he has no real path to victory. …..