Michael Herr died this past week. This mattered to me. When I was the ripe old age of 21, I was a student at St. Thomas College (now, University) in St. Paul and began a work/study program in its television …..

Elizabeth Warren has just begun her crushing of the bankruptcy expert . I never realized just how really good she is at it. After her performance  yesterday, there was some buzz about Warren as Hillary’s pick for a running mate. But there is absolutely no way …..

What has happened to our beloved England? Brexit! That’s what. Throughout the years, it has always been somewhat humbling to be from America and listen to the British speak the King’s English. Ok, many of us wouldn’t really know exactly …..


maine foliage

Maine has been my favorite state ever since I visited it for the first time thirty years ago. Before that …..

There are Evangelical Christians and then there are Evangelical Christians. Many liberals have taken shots at Evangelical Christians through the years for their ever-so traditional (read: outdated) principles. But people of genuine faith don’t have a faith that fits today’s …..

As I write, we have seen this evening a 90% chance of no Brexit plunge to 35%. Now, about a half-hour past that plunge, we see that the bookmakers have given the “remain” position a huge move up, back to …..

In the type of story that has become increasingly familiar today, almost twenty years ago, a woman accuses athletes of rape and no one suffers any repercussions except the victim. But this victim, Brenda Tracy, has somehow overcome enough of her pain …..


Brent Scowcroft, a Republican and one of the most respected statesman this country has ever seen, endorsed Hillary Clinton today. Scowcroft, among many other positions he held during decades of service to the United …..