It’s incredible, in a bad way, when you think about it. Decades in politics with hundreds of millions of dollars to spend and the Clinton campaign can’t get it right in its campaign against the bankruptcy expert. Its advertising is …..

The Democratic Convention was filled with some exceptional speeches. And then there were the speeches by Chelsea and Hillary Clinton tonight to close out the convention. THUD! The whole point of Chelsea introducing her mom was to sway some of …..

  I’m still holding out hope that the country isn’t this irretrievably insane, that the bankruptcy expert will get crushed come this November. But what does the fact that someone as hateful and as anti-American as Trump automatically receives 40% …..

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was born and raised in the great capitol city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Having lived in Minnesota I can tell you this: with the exception of Jesse Ventura (just how did this guy happen?!), Minnesota has …..