The bankruptcy expert is getting absolutely crushed in the polls. And anyone who thinks that somehow Hillary’s dishonesty is ever, ever, going to be a disqualifying factor when up against this hateful, bigoted and intellectually-challenged reality television star is, in …..

When I was a senior in college, I had the pleasure and the luxury of taking a free-form philosophy class. Our professor was an old, gentle soul of a man with a full head of shaggy gray hair and blessed …..

My dad’s family was Irish, so I’ve always had an outsized pride in most everything and most everyone Irish. I conveniently looked away from the less than savory characteristics of my clan: For instance, did you know, on occasion, they might …..

There has been a fair amount of concern about what is considered by many to be an anemic economic recovery. And now there is some thinking that the recovery is pretty much the same as others of the past…when taking into …..

Here is what looks likely. The bankruptcy expert will get crushed in November. Because of this, the Republicans will lose the Senate. But thanks to gerrymandering, the GOP holds an insurmountable 60-seat lead in the House of Representatives. And the …..

I hope you all had a good week. Let me send you into the weekend with the very good news that is America. This is not in denial of all that still needs to be done. At the very top …..

This isn’t new in the world of high finance. Investors pay a lot of money to participate in hedge funds. Ironically, this is seemingly the smart money. Only it isn’t. The broader market, as represented by the S & P …..