Hillary Clinton will become president, thus proving the country hasn’t gone totally nuts. There will also be extremely low expectations…gridlocked Congress, huge partisan divides, Sean Hannity still getting a paycheck. But into this abyss I am very optimistic. Hillary, you …..

I hope whoever’s reading this has the time, almost three hours — I realize, an eternity — to watch the entire interview of George Will by Brian Lamb on C-Span. It’s a golden oldie …..

The latest latest television commercial from the Hillary Clinton camp is a powerful one, especially if you have daughters and/or sisters. The ad is a mini-compilation of the bankruptcy expert making vulgar, objectifying comments about women. …..

Through the many stories I’ve written and the millions of stories of others, there has been the need to have the hook. i.e. the cleverly-worded headline that piques interest. That’s why it’s telling that this column has just a two-word headline …..