The good news for those on both sides of the abortion issue (if indeed there aren’t more sides than just two), is that the number of abortions per 100 pregnancies has dropped from 1.94 in 2008 to 1.69 today. At …..

The Chicago Cubs did what they absolutely had to do; they won Game 5 of the World Series against the Cleveland Indians in another classic. And make no mistake about it. The term classic is not being overused. By winning …..

It’s not easy being FBI Director. Just ask James Comey. After writing a letter to Congress stating the FBI is investigating new emails linked to Hillary Clinton, the Republicans were ecstatic and the Democrats were livid. Back in summer, when …..

Wrigley Field, October 28, 2016. Cubs vs. Indians. The first World Series game played at Wrigley since 1945. There could not have been more expectation for a baseball game. And even Mother Nature seemed to be a baseball fan last …..

FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress stating that additional emails relating to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system have surfaced. It has not been made known who the emails were sent by or if they …..

Well, I’m a Chicago White Sox fan, so it already has been a struggle trying to pull for the Cubbies. As a Sox fan you just have to be accepting that your team will never be embraced by the city, …..

Will she stay or will she go? That is, will Megyn Kelly stay at Fox News when her current contract expires at the end of the year? Will she leave Fox and join another network? Make no mistake, every network wants her. …..

It’s the World Series match-up baseball fans have been waiting for literally their entire lives: The Cleveland Indians, a team which hasn’t won a World Series since Harry Truman was president, against the Chicago Cubs, whose last World Series championship came in …..