The argument for accomplished, reasonable Republicans, such as Mitt Romney, to join forces with Donald Trump is that they will be able to offer some sanity to this disaster of a president-elect, that they’ll be doing their civic duty in trying …..

I have been thinking about where our country is, how it got here and where it could possibly be going. It has been well documented and reported that Donald Trump won big with non-college educated whites. According to the respected Pew …..

President Obama has said that when everything is true, nothing is true. And even though I have major issues with just about everything our president-elect stands for, the most damaging in the end is likely going to be his chronic …..

Never did we think that the ’60s would be considered so, well, quaint. Yes, there was a call for equality of the races and an end to a suspect war. But just how would the children of the ’60s respond to the …..

Sometimes it is easy to become overwrought with all those hurtful, evil parts of the world over which we feel we have such little, if any, control. It is easy to become despondent when you see there is such hate raging within our …..

The cast and producers of Hamilton, which I hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to Mike Pence for their terrible behavior. Bankruptcy Expert And yet another childish and idiotic outburst from the bankruptcy expert. It’s good 47% of American …..