So imagine you’re President Ronald Reagan back in the day after having spent a number of exhaustive hours negotiating with Gorbachev. You’re told there will come a time when Russia will once again be ruled not by someone like Gorbachev …..

Tom Friedman might be annoying in his condescending manner. But Tom Friedman is incredibly and intensely insightful when it comes to Israel and the Middle East. And why not? He was the correspondent assigned to Lebanon for The New York …..

President Barack Obama has done a whole lot right during his two terms in the White House. Likewise, the world has so many complicated hot spots the very best one can hope for when becoming involved in some conflicts is to …..

I’ve often looked at all the “Proud Parents of” bumper stickers and wondered why some seeming adults need to self-congratulate and so publicly. It doesn’t seem much about their kids, if at all. I also wonder if these same proud …..

Everyone, it seems, is in good spirits, and headed to, no doubt, a festive celebration with their significant other, family and friends. Meanwhile, you have nowhere special to go, no people expectantly awaiting your arrival. Christmas music and movies are …..

The bankruptcy-expert president-elect, who lost the popular vote by a record 2,860,000 — 2.1% fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, will likely never overcome his idiocy when it comes to his xenophobia. Nope, instead, here is how ISIS plays with the orange …..

Even if you’re not a big college basketball fan, you’ve likely heard of Duke University’s star guard, Grayson Allen, and his very strange habit of tripping opposing players in the heat of action on court. Going into last night’s game, he …..

Bearish Bets Backfire for Big-Name Hedge Funds That’s a headline from The Wall Street Journal, posted and published today, just a few days before Christmas. Well, it doesn’t feel too much like Christmas for many managing or investing in hedge …..