Ross Douthat is the “conservative” columnist for the New York Times. And he truly is a conservative, though he and others of his ilk have been pummeled by a Republican Party that has shown them no love. Columnists like Douthat …..

Wars. Unfortunately, these dictate so much of what we are, what our world becomes. Can we imagine if Hitler won? But why do men and women willingly put themselves in harm’s way? Exactly what instinct compels a man to absorb the …..

Here is what I wrote back in August 05 2015 with the headline, “Don’t run, Joe…not right now” Hillary maintains her extremely strong numbers with the believers of the Democrat party. There is no real opening for Joe Biden. That …..

Full disclosure: This story’s roots began with my own personal experience. Last year my Bank of America eliminated actual human beings at its drive-thru window. In their place were ATMs, one of which you could connect with a human via a …..

Scientifically we human beings may be clever in understanding and manipulating our genetic code. Unfortunately, we are woefully behind so as to never catch up when it comes to answering the essential and ethical question of what it is to …..

This past year certainly has been a most surreal time for most Americans and that includes quite a number of Republican legislators, if you indeed can call them that. (Gee, they had only about seven years to prepare a plan …..