As always, the NCAA College Basketball Tournament has largely lived up to its tradition of drama and excitement, though there seems to have been a few more blowouts compared to other years. One of the reasons why the Tournament is …..

This is pretty depressing. Wells Fargo. I have so totally respected Warren Buffett throughout the years. He seems like a decent human being and there is absolutely no one on the planet who has his wisdom and insight when it …..

Recently¬†I read an interesting article by Peter Wehner which explored the acute pain some suffer and how a merciful God could allow this. I found Wehner’s words insightful and yet limited at the same time — a little too worldly for such a spiritual topic. …..

It was really quite the spectacle. Yesterday, the various cable networks’ headlines were on steroids as the House Republicans were deciding just what to do with Obamacare…..after seven years of its greatest minds crafting a health care bill that would …..

The Fox News nightly line-up is all talk and far right opinion. It’s red meat for the Freedom Caucus and its followers. And that’s fine. MSNBC has its ultra-liberal talk show hosts as well. Of course, unfortunately, many viewers in …..

When Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post writes about the economy, I pay attention. When Michelle Singletary of the Washington Post writes about personal finance, I pay attention. This weekend both columnists ended up writing about the same topic: Medicaid. …..

There are many large cities in the country that are in serious denial about urban sprawl. I won’t point any fingers but think of metro areas with populations in the millions in which you can’t exist without a car. Insanity. …..

After the UK insanely voted for Brexit, having almost instant buyers’ remorse, and the United States elected a fascist to the White House, many¬†began to believe this decadence was just beginning and would take hold in other parts of the …..