Foreign affairs expert weighs in on Trump and it’s not a pretty picture

David Ignatius, associate editor and columnist for The Washington Post, has been covering foreign affairs for decades and is highly respected from both sides of the aisle. He is known for his exhaustive research and even-handedness. Likewise, through his years on the beat, he has developed scores of contacts and insights into the incessantly complex world of international diplomacy. In short, if Ignatius writes it, you can take it to the bank. That’s why his column today is a wake-up call to those in this country who are in serious denial about the guy who inhabits the White House. We’re not talking politics here; we’re talking about the preservation of American ideals. They’re at serious risk.

The bankruptcy expert has been so bizarre in his chronic lying, from claiming the largest attendance ever for an inauguration (not even close) to massive voter fraud (refuted by his own party’s leaders), that the bar is set exceptionally high for him to say something that can still shock us in our disbelief. But he managed to do that with his totally unsubstantiated (i.e. lies) claim that President Obama had him wiretapped. Think about that. With no facts, no evidence, Donald Trump basically slanders a former president who headed an administration that pretty much escaped any scandal of corruption. This strikes at the core of the country.

So when David Ignatius weighs in on Trump’s utter failure and dangerous precedence in foreign affairs, the stakes could not be higher. Put Russia aside for the moment, which is indeed difficult to do. Think of the Middle East and think of….North Korea. By most accounts, Kim Jong-Un is unhinged and has nuclear missiles at his disposal. It is a stark reality when imagining just what might happen when Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump are trading threats. Have a nice day.


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