It sure has been quite the first 100 days for the bankruptcy expert, self-promoter extraordinaire. And according to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, the last year or two of a president’s term is restricted to that of a placeholder until …..

obama-with-money-cashWell, it seems the professorial one has found out that there’s not a white America, not a black America, not a brown America. Nope. But he has found that there is indeed a green America! …..

It seems that the Fox News owners’ Murdochs are just fine with their sexually harassing CEO and their sexually harassing talk show host until…until it starts to cost them money. And so now Roger Ailes is gone, as is the …..

According to the Wall Street Journal, in what just days ago would have been considered an astounding development, Fox News is preparing to cut ties with Bill O’Reilly. The Journal published, “ The TV host …..

We’ve heard the horrific stories of botched executions. We’ve heard about state government officials so much craving a drug that can snuff out a life they’re willing to lie about its intended use to the pharmaceutical company which manufactures it. …..

Ross Douthat is the token conservative Catholic columnist for the New York Times or, if you’re into its management’s incessant branding efforts, The Times. Oh, my gosh. Really? But I digress. Douthat is one of those rare individuals with whom …..

We are all obviously products of our environment; this is true whether we embrace or reject that environment’s ethos. In essence, it is still our focal point. This comes to mind when I think of Easter and my Catholic upbringing. …..