And yet another story of sex abuse  out of the Vatican . It is a reminder of how organized religion can run so far afoul of the Divine, how strange and emotionally unhealthy, if not downright perverted, many rules are that have been spewed from …..

I guess we continue to watch NFL football because we somehow wall ourselves off from its carnage, both that of the present day and that surely to come in the future. But just how many more stories are we going …..

The odyssey continues for the over-achieving Minnesota Twins. Beating the division-leading Cleveland Indians last night, the Twins pushed their road record to a spectacular 21 – 9, which is .700 baseball. There is only one team in the Bigs that …..

For many Republicans and conservatives, there is apparently no last straw, with offenses mounting bale by bale. The argument goes: Trump is still superior to Democratic rule — which would deliver apocalyptic harm — and thus anything that hurts Trump …..

When I look at and listen to the junior senator from Nebraska, Ben Sasse, it conjures up an image of Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” , the naive and innocent idealist who somehow rises above the cynicism to actually get government to …..

I have only been in one prison, now known as correctional institutions, and I was actually more on the grounds than inside its walls, much less its cells. Being involved in the sport of …..

Robert J. Samuelson is a columnist for the Washington Post. Whether or not you’re in tune with him politically — he describes himself as a conservative — his knowledge and expertise are deep and sober. He does not think we’re …..

Ivanka is just so taken aback by all the viciousness directed at her father and, by association, her and her siblings. Gee, sitting there so above the fray as she implicitly supports the misogyny and bigotry of dear old dad while she …..