Some truth and sanity resurfaced in western world

james comey union jack

Former FBI Chief and adult James Comey made his appearance on Capitol Hill yesterday testifying about the petulant child who currently tweets from the White House. For all the world, Comey set the baseline of what it is to be a public official and how indispensable honesty and integrity are. These qualities have been under fire by the bankruptcy expert and his chief enabler Paul Ryan. As a side note, if there was ever any question just what a total and complete fraud Paul Ryan is masquerading as a serious thinker and legislator it can’t be asked any longer. Instead of Ryan calling out Trump on abusing the most basic of American and human ideals, the Wisconsin congressman offered this defense: Trump is a beginner¬†who doesn’t know any better than to try to illegally influence an investigation by the FBI. Wow! Just Wow, Mr. Ryan.

But the FBI Director calling Trump a liar didn’t stop the intellectually-challenged, the emotionally-challenged, the ethically-challenged bankruptcy expert from proclaiming total vindication. The total insanity at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue continues and his GOP lemmings are in mid-descent off the cliff and they remain totally clueless to the very ugly carnage they’re about to experience.

Meanwhile, those folks we depend on to be wiser and more civil than us but had taken a very bad turn — the Brits — got some of their cred back yesterday as they handed a definitive raspberry to the person posing as prime minister, Theresa May.¬†As politicians are wont to do when they win, she started to believe it was all about her and her delusion that she was well respected and liked. With said ego duly inflated, she called for an election. Oops! She and her Conservative Party lost the majority and just days before negotiations begin to exit the European Union. As I had written about the possibility last year, the Brits may just have found a way for a Brexit do-over. On balance, this was a good week for the western world.

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