Ben Roethlisberger has been a great quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And now he says, because of all the scientific evidence substantiating an alarming rate of NFL players suffering brain damage, he is considering retiring . Not now, next year! After what will be …..

McCarthyism, that unconstitutional practice in the ’50s of intimidation, bullying and lies in the authoritarian attempt to destroy lives of those who were “different”, predates the abomination taking place today. But the abomination today …..

Within the next few days most Major League Baseball teams will have passed the 100-game mark, which means the real season has begun. And what a season it has been. First, Kudos to those three divisional leaders which seem to have …..

If there is anything good to come of the disaster to our country and the world known as the bankruptcy expert’s White House, it is the total unmasking of the gutless, amoral Republican politicians who inhabit the majority of what …..