I am not certain exactly how or when this will end, though I would put my last dollar on it being ungracefully. (That’s a tactful way of putting it, don’t you think?) I am referring to the exit of the …..

Nature has a way of being too powerful for words to adequately describe, especially in a day when the word awesome is used as commonly as saying Hello. And so it is with the rain in Houston that simply refuses …..

Well, if you love baseball, what a great time of year this is. Each night there’s a grand buffet of intrigue from coast to coast. And this is true even though the champions of …..

There is hate and there is stupidity and they are not the exclusive province of the bankruptcy expert even if his actions are periodically the catalyst to expose them. Specifically, there is a state senator from Missouri, Maria Chappelle-Nadal who, among …..

What a surreal world Uncle Mitchie and his power wife Elaine live in. You see, Kentuckian Mitch McConnell has been fostering an increasingly racist, bigoted agenda in order to gain power, big power. In fact, the former party of Lincoln …..

We’ve listened for a very long time to the whining CEOs complain about just how bad the business environment is in the country, how they sure would love to bring in the billions of dollars they’ve evaded paying taxes on throughout …..

There have been (thankfully, only) a few times in my life when I felt I might have lost someone close to me, someone deeply entrenched in my soul and spirit. But the fact is I have been remarkably blessed. Yes, …..

There are times when we as a civilization simply get ahead of ourselves, incapable of managing the consequences of “progress”. It becomes increasingly difficult to stop this momentum, much less reverse the direction. At the top of my list in …..