I wonder what giving it that old college try means today? Does it mean you’re University of Lousiville’s Rick Pitino presiding over a sordid athletic program in which players were provided cash from athletic shoe and clothing companies and prostitutes …..

Likely because we are limited in our cognitive powers, we live as if we have free will….that somehow there isn’t some biological, genetic and/or mathematical catalyst for every action we take, every thought we have. And I guess that’s for …..

About a month ago, even though for all intents and purposes the Los Angles Dodgers, the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros had won their individual divisions, it seemed like Major League Baseball was going to have intense races for …..

As the insanity of the bankruptcy expert took root and flourished in what used to be a legitimate political party, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina seemed like a voice of reason. But now we know it only seemed that …..

Today’s column by Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post might just be one of the most brilliant pieces ever written about the surreal politics of today. In short, Parker makes a strong case that the bankruptcy expert is the best President the Democrats have ever …..

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Grateful Dead Last week the bankruptcy expert cut a deal on the budget with his (now) good friends, Chuck and Nancy. The deal actually made some sense not just for the three’s political …..

without Irma hitting

Quite a photo from Miami and just one example of how ill prepared we truly are for a hurricane. This crane is supposed to withstand sustained winds of 145 m.p.h. There was …..