I got nuthin’. Zip. I have nothing to add to my total and absolute disgust and contempt with the bankruptcy expert and his cowardly Republican enablers. Never ever forget just how amoral and pitiful Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell truly …..

Back in ancient times there were three television networks. Well, in really early ancient times, there were two such networks: CBS and NBC. ABC came late to the show. There were also the New York Times, Washington Post and Time …..

Last year, upon the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, columnist and eternal Cubs fan George Will was thinking his team was ideally positioned to become a dynasty. I guess it wasn’t enough for the downstate Illinois native to wax …..

Liberals, for years and years if not forever, have taken aim at religious conservatives. Their claim was that these conservatives were just faux moralists focused on a Puritan set of ethics and not really concerned about all people and all …..

There are legitimate arguments from true conservatism. It’s a credo of self-reliance and frugality with other people’s money and a safety net of various sizes for those incapable at a time, or times, to provide for themselves. This size and …..

Gee, it was awfully nice of rich White (old) boy Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, to let his minority players speak…for a time. Funny thing, though, Roger, is that the minority is actually the majority and lifeblood of your brain-zapping “sport” …..