Ask yourself this question: Who has benefited the most since the financial Armageddon of 2008? Unscrupulous bankers were bailed out and never went to jail. The wealthiest 1% now have more wealth than ever in the history of this country. …..

There is probably no one on the planet that has more comprehensive knowledge and a more intuitive¬†feel of the Mideast than Tom Friedman of the New York Times. Friedman, a transplanted Midwesterner from the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park …..

From the state that brought you racist extraordinaire George Wallace (Special Note: Later in life, Wallace asked for forgiveness from African Americans for his racist actions of the past) and continues to bring one of the worst public school systems …..

Growing up in a family with devout Catholic parents and going to Jesuit schools half my life, my environment was supportive of contemplation, self-reflection, of distancing oneself from the worldly so as to live on a different plane, away from …..

Gee, what a surprise that the GOP-majority House voted thumbs up on its own tax bill that overwhelmingly favors the corporations and the ultra-rich. And before I go on, please quit referencing the corporate tax rate as 35%. According to …..

The worthless hypocrite from Alabama running for United States Senate, known as Judge Roy Moore, was accused by yet another woman of sexual assault. In this latest case, the woman at the time of the alleged assault was sixteen years …..

I remember a few times in the past when I have written critically of Arizona Senator John McCain. It was difficult to do. As I would write, I kept thinking of what a truly great man he is. On balance, …..