Sports broadcasting legend Dick Enberg passed away this week at the age of 82. He was arguably the finest announcer in the history of sports, as comfortable and adept at covering Wimbledon as he was pro football. He had that rare gift of being …..

Just a few weeks ago, in a grocery store’s lot, scores of people were feverishly looking through the multitude of beautiful and vibrant Christmas trees. The trees had reached close to the end of their journey, now edging nearer to …..

And so it was, on a blustery evening in Bloomington, nestled between the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, in the auditorium of an unheralded gem of a community college, when forty-seven souls formally completed their nursing school studies …..

First, it was Michigan Congressman John Conyers pushed out after sexual assault charges were leveled at him. Now, it seems Minnesota Senator Al Franken will follow. (He’s holding a press conference tomorrow. After another woman came forward accusing Franken of …..

The tax bill that passed the Senate in the dead of night will most assuredly cost people their lives. The few remaining Republicans who once had a shred of decency and integrity faded away with their vote for a massive giveaway …..