Melania latest hope of liberals; they’re on serious drugs

Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, who never seems to be right about anything, has decided that Melania is sending signals of discontent to the bankruptcy expert. But it didn’t stop there with Maureen Dowd, no sirree. It seems the First Lady might be peeved at the bankruptcy expert’s big moves on a porn star…just weeks after Melania gave birth to a son of the Donald. Isn’t it romantic?! But time for a reality check, people of all persuasions

Was Melania that ignorant not to know what deal with the devil she was making when marrying the most petulant of petulant children from Queens? Please! She wanted the money and the trappings that this crassest of human beings could provide. I mean, seriously, is this couple about love or a deal? A deal in which each seemed to have gotten what they wanted. He…a trophy wife. She…a lavish lifestyle.

How the liberal members of the media see some salvation, some redemption via Melania is a complete joke. If Hillary wasn’t going to turn on Willy and his degrading ways, exactly why would they think that Melania is going to see the light and out her husband as the sorry excuse for a human being he is? It just will never, ever happen. That’s because modern marriages among the elite impose massive penalties on the truth. In short, Melania may not even have the recourse of divorce without placing a bet on a massive payday. If you’re her, don’t you just suck it up and take the money? It’s pretty obvious that this is the premise the orange one uses in all his deals…that everyone has a price and nothing is sacred. Just ask Lindsay Graham.

But I will say this: If Melania turns on her sugar daddy, it will be so sweetly ironic. An immigrant takes down the bankruptcy expert.

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