Republican Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is so finished and yet the ex-Navy Seal continues to Rambo on as if the citizens of the Show Me State (fitting name when you come to think of this guy’s transgressions) owe him something …..

  You cannot spend your life preparing for future losses. It disrespects the blessings of the here and now. Frank Bruni, of The New York Times, has been one of my favorite columnists for years. As you might imagine for …..

If you believe in journalism as it is practiced by The Atlantic, you believe these two things gleaned from its story on Paul Manafort : First, heĀ  has a default reaction of suicidal thoughts when confronted by adversity and, second, he is exceedingly guilty of …..

Anyone who has ever read any of my words about Marco Rubio, Florida’s junior senator, knows I am less than an enthusiastic fan. He was deeply in debt when billionaire Norman Braman took him under his wing and on his …..

After a fitful night of sleep, one of those when one feels more drained after than before, he made his way around the tiny little haven on the ocean. After twenty years, many of which were challenging in the deepest, …..

Paul Krugman is a liberal economist who has always excoriated Republicans. He’s part of the echo chamber on the left. For quite some time now, like years and years, his thinking is that Republican politicians exist to line the pockets …..

What’s a couple trillion dollars of market capitalization loss among friends? The stock market has been tanking for the past week, but not really. The powers that be at CNBC were all excited because they could blast headlines of biggest …..