I look at this photo and think….. “Hey, Steve, did I ever tell you the magical effect that my open bathrobe had on young women , the ones that naively came to me looking for jobs? Like their qualifications mattered to me. Get real.” “No, you …..

“Adults”, at least chronologically speaking, seem to be miserably failing their kids. The bankruptcy expert has lived a profane, amoral life with the willing enthusiasm of millions of adults. From the completely phony evangelicals, who somehow forgot about a lot …..

Either he has terrible judgment and/or no one reputable wants to work for him. Whatever the case may be, the bankruptcy expert made the call early in his term on such notable individuals as the incredible shrinking man, Dr. Ben …..

This is the time of year when we sports fans play make-believe and watch all the teenagers give it that ol’ college try for their millionaire coaches in the one, the only, NCAA College Basketball Tournament. We still want to …..

The bankruptcy expert calls himself a genius when it comes to debt. Since he is still afloat after disastrous financial decisions, it is safe to assume he found a way to run up the tab and stick others with the …..