I just didn’t have it in me to watch the White House Correspondents Dinner last night. It used to be kinda amusing, when it was off the radar and presidents actually showed up. For political geeks like me, the type …..

The Men’s NCAA College Basketball Tournament, aka March Madness, is great drama and therefore great sport. But college basketball at this level, the best of the best in Division I, is diseased. Huge companies are making boatloads of money off …..

With an eternity left until the mid-term elections, it is premature for Democrats to begin their victory dance. Likewise, some on the far left of the party, in some unbelievably quixotic leap of faith, feel the country is actually hungering …..

I have always believed when something sounds too good to be true it’s because, indeed, it isn’t true. I also have always believed when individuals put forward theories that are too detailed and complex to understand it’s because these individuals …..

You may remember the incredibly empty politician by the name of Tim Pawlenty. He was the aw-shucks type of fraud running as the everyman for President in 2011, having been the governor of Minnesota, which is usually a state much …..

I went to a traditional Catholic church for Easter. I had been there before, on Christmas morning. Unlike the city churches in St. Paul and Minneapolis, powerfully beautiful as they are, and, at least, somewhat trendy churches in the Twin …..