According to the usually brilliant columnist George Will, Senator Mitch McConnell is winning the long game. Which leads to the question, exactly what country has George Will been living in the last couple of years? Basically and profoundly, Mr. Will is just dead …..

The two news stories that have been dominating my thoughts this week are the bankruptcy expert’s approval ratings at 45% and the vote in Ireland on whether or not to repeal what is pretty much a total prohibition on abortion. …..

Having lived in south Florida for many years, there have been two major changes I’ve witnessed. First, the year-round population has dramatically increased. In the past, during the summer, it felt like you had the place to yourself. Those days …..

Many people who use prescription drugs have no idea of the true cost. All these folks know is what they pay when they visit their neighborhood Walgreens or CVS pharmacy. Maybe a $10 or $20 co-pay, sometimes even no charge. …..

And so it was: the first daughter. Born to a woman, at that moment of birth, bordering on the frantic from the excruciating pain, which extraordinarily intensified the fear of what felt like total isolation and …..

I’m not making this up. Really. 83-year-old Republican Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has stated that Republican Arizona Senator John McCain not wanting the bankruptcy expert at his funeral is “ridiculous”. Further, this senator, who should have gracefully retired years ago, …..

The echo chamber grows deeper and more resilient. I’m speaking of the oxymoron of niche’ journalism. I mean, you really have to be a blinded liberal to listen to, say, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC for much more than a nanosecond. …..