George Will couldn’t be more wrong

According to the usually brilliant columnist George Will, Senator Mitch McConnell is winning the long game. Which leads to the question, exactly what country has George Will been living in the last couple of years?

Basically and profoundly, Mr. Will is just dead wrong on Mitch McConnell. All you have to remember about McConnell is how he played the race card when Obama became president. This was a southern senator’s chance to elevate our country beyond race. Instead, McConnell made it known his number one priority was seeing Obama gone. Surely the soulless senator from the Bluegrass knew this was a dog whistle to racists.

I always think of McConnell being giddy (or at least as demonstrative as he can be) on becoming senate leader. But once there it has become painfully obvious he has no real agenda except keeping power. And for what? So he can keep just an awful human being in the White House? If McConnell can’t or won’t stand up to the antithesis of American ideals, then he himself is worthless and has done irreparable harm to our country. George Will is usually wise and intelligent in thought. But he completely misses what an abject failure McConnell is.

Didn’t McConnell once preach about a balanced budget? But then didn’t he ram through a massive cash giveaway to the wealthiest Americans, in the process, exploding the deficit? Yes, to both. McConnell is the poster senior for the epitome of an empty politician and why someone like the bankruptcy expert has been able to destroy what was once the party of Lincoln.

So what in the world was George Will thinking when he wrote his little love sonnet to McConnell? Mitch McConnell winning the long game? No, George. Because of McConnell, we are a lesser people, a people stoked with anger and fear and hatred.




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