One of the three divisions of the psyche that is completely unconscious, derived from instinctual needs and drives.¬†¬†Primitive in nature, it wants to be satisfied immediately. And so it is, my fellow Americans, we have devolved into a country where …..

It seems that the media can be the last to know. Yesterday a liberal Democrat Latina, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in a minority majority district, a district that voted 82% Democrat in the last election, won over a moderate Democrat, Joe Crowley, …..

I was reading a story in the Wall Street Journal about baseball pensions, in which this was written: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that at present only about 22% of U.S. workers qualify for or are receiving income under …..

Ok, maybe you did think it could get worse with the bankruptcy expert and his cohort of the ethically and intellectually challenged. We’ll get to the ultimate in mean-spiritedness shortly. But sometimes what’s overlooked with this group is that they’re …..

Last week we learned, in an emotional sense, what we always knew intellectually: that “celebrities”, in this case three of them, are indeed mortal like the rest of us. Two of three committed suicide: Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. The …..

Greg Ip is a superb journalist for the Wall Street Journal, not exactly a liberal media outlet. Read the facts he’s gathered about the bankruptcy expert’s love affair with coal. On all counts, from the economy to the health of …..

The other day I was at an area grocery story where I was able to buy a gallon of milk for $1.99. Granted, it was a special sale and you needed a coupon, but still ridiculously cheap. Even the normal …..