Charles Krauthammer is leaving us….better

In a note of brevity, the columnist, commentator and author, Charles Krauthammer, informed his readers he will be dying soon; the dreaded cancer, once thought vanquished, has now reappeared and spread. Mr. Krauthammer has always called them as he sees them, with a disciplined and dedicated allegiance to facts and logic.

I remember the first time I read one of his columns. I said to myself, Who was this far right extremist? But in time, it is safe to say, I saw the error of my initial impression. Intellectual rigor isn’t supposed to be comforting, reinforcing of the echo chamber we create for ourselves. It isn’t supposed to be territorial, where any acceptance of another’s wisdom is somehow a loss to your own when you have been mistaken. Intellectual rigor is America, ethical, moral; in essence, humane. And this is what I grew to respect and appreciate in Mr. Krauthammer’s words.

And so it is, his physical presence will soon fade from our lives, though those words of his will live on forever. He will leave us better for having read them.

I end this column with words from one of his readers:

Mr. Krauthammer, there were times when you made me want to pull my hair out in disagreement, but then you would surprise me and say something I could totally agree with.    I honestly believe that your integrity and morals were always your guide when debating the issues of the day.    I have never questioned your patriotism, love of country, and your love for those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.    You have been a champion for many, a nemesis for some, and an inspiration for all.

I have no doubt that God will welcome you with open arms and will comfort your family and many friends.   

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