Is Fox News Chris Wallace or Sean Hannity?

Fox News: Chris Wallace is a journalist. Sean Hannity is a commentator. One asks tough questions to power, the other is pretty much a shameless huckster for the bankruptcy expert; the facts be damned.

Yesterday, the Orange One did the unthinkable as he sided with the murderous Russian thug Vlad Putin over the intelligence community of the United States. Really. Even the lemming Republicans, from Paul Ryan to Newt Gingrich, all but condemned what is arguably — and I am not overstating it — a treasonous act.

Later in the day Chris Wallace sat down with Putin for an interview, exposing the dictator’s lies and malevolence. It was a superb interview by Wallace, so I was interested in how the Fox News website was positioning it with the other news of the day. Instead of it being top of page, it was buried about a third of the page down. The headline story was a negative one about the city of Chicago considering payments to increase the social safety net. How in the world does this take precedence over the Wallace and Putin interview?

Other stories getting bigger play on the Fox News site than Wallace’s interview of Putin included Las Vegas cops shooting it out with a murder suspect and, I am not kidding you, a woman who had part of her nose bitten off.  As the old saying goes, you can’t make this stuff up.

What will Fox News be in the future? Will it be the substantive journalism of a Chris Wallace? A Neil Cavuto? Or will it be a far right wing, fact-challenged Sean Hannity? Tucker Carlson? Today these all are somehow existing together but there seems no way this can last all that much longer. It seems the journalists abhor the lies of Hannity and Carlson and Hannity and Carlson hate the core principles of journalism.



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