Brett Kavanaugh will become the next member of the United States Supreme Court. As expected, most on the left are trying to paint a picture of Kavanaugh as a far right …..

Way back in the day it was the once unthinkable break-up of the Bell System . The company had become so dominant it was deemed necessary to break it up. But the Bell System had virtually no personal information on its customers. Fast forward to …..

Mike Veeck, co-owner of the St. Paul Saints (earlier this summer renamed the Raccoons for a night in honor of one such mammal who had scaled a St. Paul skyscraper), staged one of his more creative promotions this week…a food …..

28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, by virtue of her “upset” Democrat primary victory in an ultra-liberal New York district, has become the darling of the anti-intellectual far left. Though not anywhere near as mean-spirited and venomous as the anti-intellectual far right, the …..