Will he be this tough on the bankruptcy expert?

Brett Kavanaugh will become the next member of the United States Supreme Court. As expected, most on the left are trying to paint a picture of Kavanaugh as a far right extremist and yelling at the top of their lungs that the sky is falling. To which I reply, the liberals should be far more selective in the battles they choose. That said, an interesting story came out yesterday about Mr. Kavanaugh. In short, it seems Mr. Kavanaugh was rightfully disgusted with Bill Clinton and sought extremely graphic detail about the latter’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. In my opinion, with someone who wonders what “is is”, there’s no room to take his word for it…on anything. So the fact that Kavanaugh wanted all the Clinton/Lewinsky details, though crude, was necessary. Still, something about this story gnawed at me and it finally dawned on me what it was.

Anything Bill Clinton was and is makes him look like a boy scout in comparison to the bankruptcy expert. Surely the intelligent, politically savvy Kavanaugh just has to know this. And yet there he was fawning over the Orange One on the night he was introduced as the nominee. Just why did Kavanaugh buy into moral relativism promotion? Why didn’t he take a stand and simply accept the nomination in the somber manner appropriate for this time in our nation’s history? The only answer is that Kavanaugh was frothing “gimmee, gimmee” to the bankruptcy expert for the open seat on the Court. This is beneath the dignity of the law of the land and proves again that just about anyone in the orbit of the petulant child is dragged into the muck. Kavanaugh seems not to be an exception.

Inevitably, Brett Kavanaugh will literally be sitting in the judgment of the individual who nominated him to the Supreme Court. It will only be then when we will discover if Kavanaugh is truly a justice or a political hack.


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