I wonder why the bankruptcy expert hasn’t called out that group which has been killing the innocents and trying to blow up those with whom they disagree? Where’s the outrage, old Orange One, with your own supporters who follow your …..

When a big part of a country’s formative history includes the subjugation of those native to the land and having massive amounts of labor provided via the enslaved from Africa, it’s safe to say that more recent issues of prejudice …..

In the stock market, there are contracts traded called options. Basically, an option is a contract to buy or sell an underlying asset, such as a company’s stock, by a certain expiration date. Because of this, in a general way, …..

It’s really this simple. Over two months ago, I wrote:  https://planetolios.com/2018/08/03/cynical-plan-behind-creating-unsustainable-debt/ And now it is happening. Suddenly, the phony budget hawks who blew up the debt have found religion. They have seen how their massive tax cuts only make the …..

Though in this political and social climate it is risky to be overly bold in one’s predictions, it does seem the consensus is that the Democrats will win back the House but lose seats in the Senate, in which they’re …..

I remember my first credit card. I was 23. I was making very little money, driving a Nissan Sentra with a ton of miles on it and absolutely no frills — no air conditioning, no carpeting, not even a radio …..

If there is a silver lining to Hurricane Michael, it is that it has been fast-moving. Think back to last year and the pulverizing Hurricane Harvey. Harvey just seemed to never leave — over four days many areas had 40 …..

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar showed dignity and grace under pressure when she could have completely obliterated Brett “I like beer” Kavanaugh with his taunts of asking her if she had ever blacked out from too much drinking. But she took …..