Well, I guess the most positive news to come out of Mississippi’s U.S. Senator’s race that concluded tonight is that a black candidate received more than two out of every five votes. On the starkest of sides, the winner — …..

And so it is, our country’s most astute — the CIA, the good guys protecting us from our adversaries and enemies, have concluded, as have all others with a brain beyond that of a gnat, that the Saudi dictator MBS …..

Before the great recession hit, Jim Cramer of CNBC was enthusiastically extolling the virtues of being hyper-bullish on the stock market. Oh, well. Shortly after this the stock market tanked, real estate tanked and unemployment soared. There was very real …..

John Bessler? Jonathan Gillibrand? The former is the 58-year-old husband of Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, a possible presidential candidate in 2020. The latter is the …..

Every accountable and credible media outlet, including the Wall Street Journal, has called out Republican Governor Rick Scott for lying about voter fraud in the Florida Senate race in which he’s pitted against incumbent Democrat Senator Bill Nelson. As the …..

If I were a shadowy Dem power broker, I would want to boost Amy Klobuchar, whom everyone seems to like and whose showing in a purplish Upper Midwest state was extremely impressive. She needs a way into the spotlight, but she’s the …..

Though I didn’t expect it intellectually, I was still hoping Americans would come through and provide a Democrat-majority Senate, as they did the House. I was hoping for this because there is no way to separate the anti-Americanism of the …..