The Bluegrass State has a lot going for it, most notably its Thoroughbreds and the idyllic farms they inhabit. But one thing Kentucky does not have going for it is its stable of Republican politicians. First, there is the nut …..

Back in 1979 when the antithesis of charisma and capability, Michael Bilandic, was mayor of Chicago, a massive snowfall hit, a blizzard befitting of the Windy City. This should not have caught anyone off-guard. But somehow, for Bilandic, it did. …..

Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard, died today at the age of 89. Bogle, with his profound and yet simple approach to investing, changed the world for the better by democratizing the markets. He did this with a concept called indexing, …..

Throughout these past two years, especially now when his administration has imploded with “D”-listers taking over from either convicted felons or the rare talented, ethical and patriotic souls who left in bitter disgust, so many have tried to call out …..

By now just about everyone in the world knows that Cody Parkey missed a last-second field goal that would have sent his Chicago Bears on in the NFL playoffs to meet the Los Angeles Rams. Parkey’s miss was excruciating to …..

As we begin the new year and witness the first major volley in 2020 presidential politics with Elizabeth Warren beginning her run (spoiler alert: in the summer of 2020 she’ll be an asterisk), it is difficult to imagine a scenario …..