On Wednesday, the morally-challenged Michael Cohen will testify before the House Oversight Committee about the morally-challenged bankruptcy expert. It should be great fun, even if it’ll be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction, though not hard for the soon-to-be-released Mueller …..

The New York Times recently published four stories about the Catholic Church; only one was heartening in its reinforcing of the essential message of the Gospel: serving others as our highest, most joyful pursuit. The others stories spoke of abuse …..

Ok, full disclosure. I am a White Sox fan. It is almost impossible to be a White Sox fan and a Cubs fan. But I actually was happy for my friends who are fans of the north side of Chicago …..

Within the past month, Democrats of five states have moved forward in liberalizing abortion laws. The most surreal had to be the smiling group, headed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, in New York, as he signed the bill into law. I …..