Voters should expel all of them from public life

And thus were the words of conservative columnist extraordinaire George Will about every single Republican politician who will not stand up to the bankruptcy expert as he tries to obliterate the Constitution. (A great read.) Specifically, I believe this definitely means, especially means, all those Republicans who detest the occupant of the White House but refuse to vote against their senator(s) or congressperson who enables him. These schizophrenic voters can’t have it both ways. You can’t vote for Joe congressman in your district who because he’s a nice guy with policies you like, if he supports the bankruptcy expert. Let me spell it out plainly to these folks: your congressman’s policies mean absolutely nothing if they don’t first and foremost protect the very foundation that allows policies to be voted upon freely and implemented when passed: the Constitution! I might also add that our national security patriots should also be a priority when being eviscerated by the bankruptcy expert in his support of Putin over them.

Think about that. The Republicans are enabling a supporter of a murderous Russian dictator. Exactly what type of mushrooms have these Republicans used to completely rationalize such anti-American activity? I mean, it’s one thing for the soulless Mitch McConnell and the breached, screaming Lindsey Graham to be utterly morally bankrupt as they do anything to hold onto their power. But what about the individual Republican voter? Don’t they want to clean up their house? And now!

It reminds me of two professions: policemen and horse trainers. So many times when one of theirs is legitimately accused of wrongdoing, they reflexively circle the wagons. In essence, they are denigrating their own profession by aligning themselves with the wrong side of the law, the wrong side of history. And so too are otherwise sane Republican voters when they vote for accomplices of the bankruptcy expert. This has gone on for too long and these voters no longer get a pass. Time to finally step up.

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