Russia probe shows how low the bar has plummted

Big news! The bankruptcy expert didn’t sit down with murderous dictator Vlad to directly subvert America’s free election! Now there’s a proud accomplishment about which to boast.

From the beginning, I never cared much about the probe into whether or not the bankruptcy expert colluded with Russia. Even the former reality tv show actor isn’t that stupid. But more to the point, we should all care about the acrimony he has sowed and continues to sow among fellow Americans. We should all care about his envious embrace of dictators. We should all care what an unfit group of people he has hired to represent our country’s interests, a group that has set a record for incompetence, to say nothing of indictments and convictions. (Indeed, for real this time: Lock. Them. Up.) We should all care about his endless attempts to decapitate the rule of law and those agencies and individuals there to protect it. We should all care that he morally equivocates African American protesters with white supremacists, one of whom turned killer. We should care and thank the gods that the vast majority of terrorist acts during the last two years have been perpetrated by white males and not by Muslims or Hispanics. If it were the latter, the bankruptcy expert would have resorted to even a more toxic form of racism, which almost certainly would have resulted in more white terrorist attacks. We should all care that the attempted evisceration of health insurance for the most vulnerable among us has been cynically used by the bankruptcy expert as a political tool to whip up his base, even as some of that base hasn’t figured it out yet that they’re in the group who will lose their insurance and basically be sentenced to a quicker departure from this world.

We should care that core American principles are under attack and over a third of Americans, well, just don’t care.


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