A dispiriting week


It’s been a dispiriting week. Two seemingly unrelated issues have exposed even further the erosion of not just American principles but the very belief that they matter in the first place.

The first issue concerns the latest in the ongoing desecration of legal and social norms by the bankruptcy expert. But give him credit, he certainly knew the cowardice and amoral approach to governing his enabling Republicans embrace. He has leveraged them skillfully. This week, Attorney General William Barr has made it clear he’s not the country’s lawyer; he’s the personal lawyer for the White House. In fairness, it wasn’t as if Eric Holder took a stand against Barack Obama or Alberto Gonzales against George W.Bush. Then again, Obama and Bush were a universe away from the frightening presence in the Oval Office today.¬†What’s most disconcerting about the Barr affair is just how little it seems to matter. I guess principles don’t matter if they get in the way of self interests.

The other issue that has made this a most dispiriting week is abortion. A short time back Virginia and New York decided to enact extremist abortion laws in which basically all fetuses and unborn babies were fair game. Then this past week Alabama and Georgia went to the other extreme of the abortion issue, coming close to banning all abortion. In an enlightening column, Kathleen Parker, compares and contrasts the “crazy” antics on both sides of the issue. But, unfortunately, whereas Parker’s words clarify and provide insight, the majority of media has opted for blanket statements and headlines. It is, to say the least, frustrating when a pro-choice media refuses to acknowledge science. To them, it seems, the absolute carnage of unborn children, aka those into their third stage of life within their mother, is just the price that has to be paid to keep the abortion absolutists in the fold. Again, a familiar refrain from a dispiriting week: principles don’t matter if they get in the way of self interests.

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