The gang that couldn’t shoot straight

Well, this Iran thing is certainly getting a bit scary. The trouble began when the bankruptcy expert, with obviously no real strategy in mind, decided to walk away from the U.S.- Iran pact put in place by President Obama. Which is absolutely the reason why the current occupant of the White House was against the pact. It is exactly the type of behavior one would expect from a petulant child. Unfortunately, this petulant child is chronologically a senior citizen with the nuclear codes. Have a nice day.

So this sorry excuse of a human being gathers his Keystone Cops, i.e. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and chicken hawk national security adviser John Bolton, who it should be pointed out left no stone unturned keeping Fort Polk, Louisiana safe for 18 weeks in 1970. From Mississippi, I guess. Anyway, both these guys are always looking for the silver lining in peace with that silver lining being the chance that their hawkish ways can destroy the peace. And so it is with Mikey and Johnnie when it comes to Iran.

Tellingly, the adults in the room — i.e. the folks from the Pentagon — are against a military strike against Iran. They point out the obvious: There is no strategy coming forth from the Oval Office to provide any rationale for such a strike, much less the plethora of unintended consequences, which would, no doubt, lead to other obtuse decisions and even more unintended consequences until…..until we’re all in this way too deep. Even if this unforced error gets remedied, there are still 19 months to the end of this administration. That is an awful long time.

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