Dayton: Close to home

I will preface this with the admission that I don’t entirely know what to say or write about the horrific news from Dayton, Ohio. Death that hits close to home has that effect. But I have also found myself feeling such sadness and gratitude. I have always felt a connection with Dayton. I’ve experienced so many wonderful times there and it is the beloved home of two of the most important people in my life, my sister and brother-in-law, who live literally just a block away from where the carnage took place. And so there is shock and sadness that such a violation of the sacred could happen in this special place that had always felt like a haven.

I also know that when this sense of loss and sadness begins to overwhelm, I think of the intuitive love for fellow human beings that many there exhibited, people risking their lives to save others. And now thousands of people in the city will help to support and heal each other in the days and weeks ahead, accepting the universal burden to vanquish hate with love. For this, I, and I’m certain, millions of others are deeply appreciative. Of Dayton, Ohio.

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