No time to celebrate

On the surface, it seems we should feel better that the petulant criminal child in the White House is being rebuffed in states that once voted heavily in his favor. I’m talking about the recent governor races in Kentucky and Louisiana where the bankruptcy expert went all-in for the Republican candidates only to have them lose. If he were a Democrat, he’d be calling himself a big loser, mirroring the intellectual depth of a six year old. And, really, that’s what should make all common-sense American citizens still very nervous about the future.

In short, we basically have an inept New Jersey thug in the White House and about 35% of Americans are fine with that. They don’t seem to mind: his senior policy advisor is a white nationalist, he has leveraged American defense dollars with a foreign government for his personal political gain, has seven members from his team of enablers that have been convicted of felonies on his watch, has consistently denigrated the American military and national security agencies, has cozied up to murderous dictators while alienating our staunchest allies, has boasted about grabbing women’s genitalia and getting away with it, has consistently used profanity in his rants and speeches, has mocked physically challenged people, has just pardoned war criminals against the advice of the Pentagon and the list goes on and on.

I get why some white evangelicals back the petulant child; they are self-serving hypocrites as they support the absolute antithesis of Jesus’s Gospel in pursuit of their own power, wealth and status.

I get why poor, under-educated whites in states like West Virginia, Mississippi and Kentucky support the criminal-in-chief; they need to believe the carnival backer as he tells them it’s the immigrants, it’s the deep state, it’s just about all those other people who have made their lives miserable and with no real hope in sight. Desperate people do desperate things.

But I still don’t know why there is a large group of wealthier white men, men who have gained so much by this country’s democratic republic, who are so amoral and greedy that they allow their petty grievances to construct all but a totally false narrative that reeks of moral relativism. They don’t want to be adults in understanding that our government has not been perfect, but that it has been a beacon for the world and one in which most find freedom and opportunity. Further, in order for this to have materialized, our country has had a strong infrastructure of laws and dedicated public servants, from members of the military to State Department officials to first responders. Make no mistake about it, the impostor in the White House has taken dead aim on anything and anyone who gets in his way. The latest example are his threatening words against a three-decade veteran of the State Department, one who was appointed by both Republican and Democrat administrations, and one who had the courage and moral fidelity to the Constitution to speak truth to power.

What do these wealthier white men now think of this bully in the White House? If polls are correct, these folks are unmoved by his endless immorality and assault on the foundation of our country. They rationalize away all the misdeeds because it preserves their privileged place above others. They find it easy to accept and fuel the anti-immigration venom, conveniently forgetting from where they and their ancestors came. They look the other way when the weak and disabled are mocked, placed in harm’s way. They even normalize sexual assault, somehow being so gutless and unethical that they choose not to envision that this awful excuse of a human being could have just as easily targeted their mothers, sisters, wives and, yes, their daughters. I’m sorry. This is so far beyond politics. It is about creating a safe harbor for hate and violence. It is about the desecration of what we as Americans hold sacred. 2020 is all about anti-Americanism; can it be defeated? Or will we find out that the darkest part of man’s nature is triumphant in the end?

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