What do Americans deserve?

As the Republicans conduct a sham trial, there is no more blue sky hope for any of the party’s senators. The majority of the country wants something that, I guess, is radical for the GOP…witnesses in a trial. Think about that. Every single Republican senator voted to deny this most basic tenet of justice and, in the process, denied democracy. This has hit home an inescapable fact: senators, at least the Republican ones, are so entirely in love with their egos being massaged as a senator, they’re willing to do anything to remain in the club.

At the top of this list is Mitt Romney. He has more money than God. Of course, unlike Romney, Jesus swore off worldly goods. (Jesus would be loathed today by a rather large portion of white evangelicals who are all about this world.) Romney, one would surmise, has a wife and family, whom he loves. In short, here’s a guy who only has one thing he can lose by being principled and standing up to the thug: his membership in the club.

Romney should be a screaming parable on human rationalization and moral relativism. I guarantee that the Romney of even five years ago would condemn who he has turned out to be today. What an absolutely abysmal way to wrap up a career in politics, as an enabler of Donald. J. Trump.

And so it goes. At this point, it is nothing less than a war to save the institutions that have made America, well, America. Possibly some day we’ll be in war with the Democrats that want to put self over country. But that is not today. Today, make no mistake about it, the Republicans are taking dead aim on our country. Now the question is, are everyday Americans wiser and more principled than their disgraced Republican senators?

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