Singular politician does right thing: places country first

Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, pulled the plug on his presidential campaign today and in so doing exhibited those qualities his supporters have always seen in him: character, integrity, intelligence. Likewise, by dropping out of the race, he has led by example. Mayor Pete, by far and away the youngest candidate at 38-years-old but with an over-sized perspective and maturity, both realized there was no path to victory and that his staying in the race would harm his party and country. He knows that his departure from the race provides the leading centrist, Joe Biden, a shot at reaching 1991, the magic number of delegates to secure the nomination. This is especially true if veteran politicians Amy Klobuchar (my first choice for president), Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg follow Pete’s lead. If they do…

Suddenly, Biden becomes the undeniable nominee and the Democrats, independents and patriotic, intelligent Republicans join forces to crush the evil, small man in the White House. Suddenly, the majority of Americans who disapprove of Trump are provided a clear path to both throw him out of office and many of his GOP enablers down-ticket.

I’m not certain if the actions of Buttigieg rank as a profile in courage, such as Ford’s pardon of Nixon. But I do know this: His actions are a profile in wisdom and love of country. He will likely run again. But it is difficult to imagine his being more crucial to the health of our country than he was today.

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