Bernie needs to concede, endorse….Now!

As the coronavirus crisis deepens, we are seeing just how unfit Trump is as president. It is surreal to see this unfold. He knew about the coronavirus in January and did nothing. A month later he was calling it a hoax perpetrated by the Democrats. A few days ago he said he knew it was a pandemic all along. Throughout this time he just can’t help devoting an inordinate amount of time giving himself undeserved high marks. He is a child and it is pathetic. And, yet, he still has about half of America believing he’s doing a good job handling the crisis. Even though this isn’t the usual rallying of the masses for a president during troubled time, it still points out that a counter narrative needs to be spoken. And now. But this can’t happen until Bernie concedes and allows Biden to be the voice of sanity and maturity and competence.

If Bernie would finally bow out of the race, this would also allow Biden to announce his pick for vice president. This would be a momentous step as Biden is an old man, who has all but telegraphed he plans to serve only one term. His choice is incredibly important and consequential. So it is up to Bernie to take the inevitable bullet of conceding. NOW.

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