Some airlines deserve to die and its CEOs criminally charged

This photo says it all: United Airlines totally blew off its promise to socially distance by, at the least, not selling the middle seat. Instead, they put dozens of people in peril. What if some of them contract Covid-19 and eventually die?

It seems that it is about time that white collar crime that turns into deadly criminal offenses should be taken to court. This is especially true with airlines, businesses that have consistently paid themselves via stock purchases and now want special treatment. No.

Let the bad airlines go bankrupt. Prosecute the CEOs who have committed fraud by false advertising. Think of this. Your grandfather goes to the gate for a flight where he has been told that there will be no passengers in the middle seat and where social distancing will be practiced. Then, he sees that just about every seat has a passenger. What in the world does he do? Exactly what recourse does he have?

This is when government is needed. It is needed to enforce the law, to protect the public. People can die because of the amoral mantra of way too many CEOs in America. Enough. Book ’em. Prosecute. Throw them in jail. This is the only way corporate America will adhere to basic American principles. It is so way past the time when the rich and affluent suffer the same consequences for their illegal activities as the minorities and the poor.

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