She’s the one! (i hope)

Suddenly this seems to make just so much sense. Suddenly the political stars have aligned for the woman who will be our next vice president.

In the vice presidential sweepstakes, for some time now, we’ve been watching the frontrunner Kamala Harris and figuring, I guess, that she checks off enough boxes. She’ll likely get the nod. But there has been a nagging thought, or maybe it’s just intuition, that Harris is a bad fit for Biden. On paper, makes some sense. In real life, just a bit strained.

Enter Susan Rice. Since she knows Biden the best out of all the contenders, some feel this personal bond places her ahead of all others. But Rice as the nominee for vice president really doesn’t make any sense. She has never held elective office and was a fairly polarizing figure when she was National Security Advisor for Barack Obama.

But today Biden’s choice seems to be so clear. Though George Will wrote an expansive story about her earlier in the month, today, within a span of a few hours, there were three major stories published. Two were from The Washington Post, including one that has her on the shortlist, and the other story was from the Wall Street Journal depicting her as a team player with a strong history of getting things done as a legislator. Something’s afoot when stories of this magnitude come streaming in one after another. It means that at least some key Biden supporters have decided that she’s the one. She is Congresswoman Karen Bass.

Biden has always stated that he wants a running mate who isn’t a mirror image but rather brings her own set of qualities to the ticket. That said, Biden also wants someone with whom he is simpatico. Well, it just so happens that Bass is a veteran legislator who began as…a community organizer. Sound familiar? She went from this work to become a member of the California assembly in which she eventually became speaker. Later she would be elected to Congress. But what will seal the deal for Bass is that she has the same governing philosophy as Biden, in part, because they have both experienced the deep pain of losing a child. As an empathetic, calming individual, she has worked extremely well across the aisle.

Whereas it has been difficult to imagine a Biden-Harris or Biden-Rice ticket being in total synch…that simpatico thing; it is easy to imagine how a Biden-Bass team would smoothly work as one.

According to some, the major flaw she has is making a statement to the Cuban people mourning the death of Fidel Castro, which inferred that she had been fine with Castro. Well, this “flaw” is actually an attribute. Why? Because if Trump tries to call her out for this one statement referencing a dictator, she can respond detailing Trump’s seemingly endless affection for Putin. Game, set and match.

Biden-Bass. Nice sounding alliteration, don’t you think?

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