RBG’s death, to expand Court

It was the opinion of many during Obama’s presidency that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, already well into her 70s and with various health issues, should retire. She didn’t, which will now, upon her death, lead to Donald Trump being able to appoint yet another Supreme Court Justice, his third such appointment.

Many are saying it is totally hypocritical that Mitch McConnell would ram through a Supreme Court Justice in September of an election year when he blocked one in February of an election year with a Democrat in the White House. But if anyone has learned anything about the majority of Republicans these years of Trump is that they have no shame. So, no doubt, McConnell will push through whoever Trump nominates. He’ll do it in the lame duck session so as to protect those Republican senators who are fighting for their political lives. Four Republican senators would have to stand up to Trump in order to stop his nomination. Ain’t going to happen. So what’s next?

The fact that Trump and McConnell are going to forge ahead with a nomination will likely super-energize the Democrats and liberals of all stripes, if not many moderates as well. This will likely be the final push to have both Biden win and the Democrats taking back the Senate. If this happens, you can kiss the filibuster good-bye and you will see the Democrats work to expand the Supreme Court to 13 justices, which would give the majority to the liberals 7 – 6.

There are no rules anymore. It’s all about who has power. This has materialized because we have a Republican Party who decided power was paramount in importance, as opposed to a healthy respect and protection of the rule of law and the spirit of the Constitution. What was once a noble experiment, this United States democracy, has effectively crashed and burned.

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