Trump’s last gambit

With the final day of voting just weeks away, Trump is getting crushed in the polls. There is now a much greater probability for a Biden landslide than there is for a Trump victory. Likewise, after his bombastic performance in the debate, he lost even more ground. And so it would be impossible for Trump to continue his venomous ways and have any hope to make any dent in the substantial lead Biden now enjoys. What’s a dictator wannabe to do?

Make a major head fake and begin acting empathetic, filled with “Love!!!” and getting through this “together”. The petulant child has begun trying to change his brand in the 11th hour of the 11th hour of the 11th hour.

Some have said he would take another tact; that of returning triumphant over Covid-19…..You see, it wasn’t all that bad. Look how quickly I recovered.

But that won’t work. Trump’s contracting the virus places a triple exclamation point not on “Love!!!”, but on “Incompetence!!!”, “Callousness!!!” Likewise, the average American suffering from the virus doesn’t get a dozen of the top medical experts to oversee their recovery. Lastly, it’s hard to do a victory dance for your recovery when well over 200,000 Americans have died.

I wish Trump no harm. But even more I wish our country no harm. Maybe Trump contracting what seems like a mild form of Covid-19, if indeed you can believe his enablers, is nature’s way of assuring both.

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