Amy Coney Barrett is a complete fraud

How does a self-professed follower of Christ allow herself to be the antithesis of Jesus’s life? Easy. She really isn’t a true follower of Jesus. She has used Jesus’s life when it was convenient, and admirably so. But when the life of Jesus would tell her a different way of worldly gain, Amy Coney Barret turned heretic. Amy Coney Barrett is the absolute worst type of hypocrite. She carries the mantle of godliness yet spits on the life of Jesus, much like the guy who nominated her.

In the near future there will be an incredible amount of posturing as Democrats take control of the White House, Senate and Congress. The Democrats will, no doubt, crush the GOP. No doubt, the GOP will cry foul, but it will be too late. Mitch McConnell has seen to this. He and Barrett have aligned in an unholy alliance. The result? A Democrat government that will now make Republicans pay for all of their sins. And our country will edge closer to hell. We are no longer exceptional. We are sick, decaying.

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